Our main focus is to bring our puppy parents the BEST shorkie in the WORLD!!!

We carefully plan each and every breeding we do. We do this so we can make sure our parents complement each other, this allows them to have the best babies for our puppy parents. We are very picky on the time of each and every breeding also, this allows us to give each and every baby the best care possible. From the time they are born into my hands to the time they arrive home the get the best of care and tons of LOVE..

Most of the time our outstanding shorkie babies range in size 3-9 lbs full grown. By having our babies this size it allows us to have a baby for every family.

When you have a baby under 5lbs full grown, it is hard for small children to play with. Sometimes they can just get hurt by getting off the couch. But when you have a baby 6lbs and up they are ready for the whole family.   

Give me a call at 1-888-9 SHORKIE

 Email  Phone: 1-888-9Shorkie


To see the adorable shorkies we have at this time just visit our nursery page on our main website by click here.



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