If you are interested in adoption one of our wonderful shorkie babies just fill out our adoption form and I will give you a call. NO baby is placed just by email.. We must talk to our puppy parents..

1. Date:

2. Name:

3. Address:

4. City:

5. State:

6. Zip Code:

 We must have a phone number to contact you. We taking placing our babies very seriously.

 NO Baby is placed with out personally talking to you. If you submit this form with out a number it will be deleted Sorry.

7. Phone Number: And Best Time To Call 

8. E-Mail Address:

9. Gender Preference?

10. Is every one in your home ready for a new puppy?  

11. Do you Own or Rent your home:?

12. If you Rent do you have permission from your landlord to get a puppy?:

13. Do You realize your baby will be VERY PRE-SPOILT?

14. I Knowledge that Shorkie world places/sales ONLY companion pets.

15. Do You Want A Baby That Is Listed On The Site Now ?

16. If So What Baby:

Have you read our health warrantee?

18. Do You Already Have A Vet?

19. Your Vets Name & Number:

20. Who Will Take Primary Care Of The Puppy?:

21. Do You Have A Fenced Yard?

22. Do You Have Other Pets ?

23. What Kind?

24. How Many?

25. If you have other dogs what breed are they?:

26. Do You Have Kids?

27. How Old Are They?

28. Price Range You Want To Spend?

29. How Soon Do You Want Your New Baby?

30. Do You Want To Pick Up Your Baby Or Have Her/Him Shipped?

31. What Airport Is Closes To You?:

32. Please Tell Us Why You Would Like a Puppy & List Any Questions Or Comments You Have.



I the person on this letter have paid for a Puppy using my Credit Card I agree to fore go ANY charge back for ANY reason under their NO REFUND policy. I understand any problems will be dealt with outside of a charge back credit directly with A buddy for you (DBA) Shorkie world. I Understand I will NOT be credited back on my Credit Card account for any reason if I cancel the sale, or are dissatisfied with purchase. I will get refund any money charged by check when proof of refund is deemed necessary. Buyer's acceptance of any animals agrees that this transaction was consummated within the state of Missouri and consents to the application of all Missouri Laws and to the jurisdiction of Missouri Courts. Should a dispute arise out of this transaction. Buyer further agrees that should he default in any obligation of this agreement, he shall be responsible for all attorney fees and court costs involved in the prosecution of this action. Acceptance constitutes An agreement to pay the above listed price and totals, with in agreed terms.

33. If I pay for my baby with a credit card I agree to the "CREDIT CARD NO CHARGE BACK" policy


Give me a call at 1-888-9SHORKIE



 Email  Phone: 1-888-9Shorkie

We are proud to be a member of the SCA..


To see the adorable shorkies we have at this time just visit our nursery page on our main website by click here.



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